A black-and-white portrait of Maggie with a yellow circle in the background

Optimist & co-conspirator

“How can we ensure we're solving the right problems?”

I use design as a tool to make ideas tangible. I co-design with stakeholders by leading UX research projects, mapping experiences and business logic, creating right-sized prototypes, and facilitating iterative collaboration.

My experiences in consulting and cognitive science inform my approach. Tech consulting helped me realize “design" is not limited to the UI: tech is only one piece of a wider system encompassing people, process, and context. Studying cognitive science helped me understand how human cognition gives rise to experience - and how inseparable thinking and feeling are. Combined with my work experiences, these learnings have led me to see design as a holistic strategy for problem-solving, not just a set of pretty tools.

Having spent the past 5 years designing products, services, and websites for purpose-driven organizations, I care deeply about the wider impact of organizations I work with, not just their profit-making potential.

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